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I’m a Afro pop artist born and raised in the far remote areas of rural Mpumalanga, village called Clau-Clau near Nelspruit. I later then moved to Swalala to live with my mother. however I am grateful to my mother who never gave up on me

My biggest highlight was when I won three awards,one from South African Community Radio Awards (SACRA) and two from BFM . “That’s when I realized that my music is making an impact one way or the other in people’s lives.

My turning point was when my song Sobabili was played on national radio LigwalagwalaFM for the first time. That’s when most people came to recognize his music,artistry and that’s when I started getting gigs locally and the neighboring  countries. I worked with several artist including Bob Easy,Ismael,Senior General,one of the local guys from his area,Dj Ethy, Miss Tweet the DJ,VWP and many local guys,I am now focusing nurturing my talent and continue to change people’s lives.

“I am inspired by young people doing things for themselves.I don’t have a specific person I can pin point at this point and time but I just love seeing people who are passionate about their work,people who believe in their dreams and fulfilling their dreams everyday.I am inspired by passionate and hardworking individuals doing things for themselves



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